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NET DEVA Inc. is guided by our vision of creating the leading company for developing web-enabled software for secure, effective human networking.  This vision emerged from our recognition that in all human networking endeavors – business, social, individual - the power of personal networks and trusted contacts eliminates geographical boundaries and cultural divides, and those individuals and organizations with the most powerful personal networks enjoy the greatest personal, commercial and social success. 

 We envision Net Deva as a company known for its: 

  • Innovative products that promote better human networking    
  • Deep understanding of human networking dynamics
  • Sophisticated technical development capabilities
  • Superior returns to its stakeholders
  • Creative and respectful application of its team members’ talents
  • Contribution to social good by assisting all people in becoming more fulfilled, successful, productive and satisfied
  • Ethical behavior towards all of its constituents, in all circumstances 

HomeCompany - OverviewProduct OverviewVisionContact Us