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Duncan Work, President and Founder
Duncan Work founded Net Deva, Inc. to develop Internet-based tools and services that can dramatically improve the ways that people and organizations use and manage human networks.   He has a diverse background that combines experience in developing and using human networks with experience in software design and development.   His more than fifteen years of experience as chief planner of employment training programs, international business consultant, director of business development, and information systems and software development consultant has given him a deep appreciation for the power of human networks and unique qualifications for realizing his Net Deva vision. He holds a Masters of Science degree in Urban Affairs  from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a specialty in community planning and development, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Kansas.  Duncan has a lead role in developing Net Deva's vision and business strategy and in overall software design.     

Charles Brault, Senior Technology Consultant
Charles Brault has over 20 years of experience managing, designing, and implementing complex information systems. Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Charles was CTO of ApexLogic, an Internet focused professional services consulting group. Previously he was Vice President of Engineering at Internet Information Services where he was responsible for the engineering resources and corporate technical direction. Prior to that, he was an independent computer consultant specializing in large document imaging systems, designing and prototyping digital reprographic systems for Xerox. Charles has served as a Systems Analyst with Computer Data Systems, Inc., and Cincinnati Bell Information Systems.   Back

Mitra, Senior Technology Consultant

Mitra's extensive prior experience with software development includes the following: Chief Technology officer at, a venture-backed peer-to-peer video sharing application developer; co-author of VRML 2.0 and Living Worlds and VRML2 Binary format; Chief Network Technology Officer of Paragraph (before acquisition by Silicon Graphics); Chief Network Architect at Worlds Inc, where he designed Worlds Chat - first 3D Internet Chat; CTO at Pandora, where he helped design and build Sovam, Russia's first commercial ISP and AOL's first gateway to the Internet; founded GreenNet - Europe's Environment network, and one of Britain's first ISPs; co-Founded Association for Progressive Communications - a worldwide network of ISP's.   Back


W. David Bayless, Principal, W.D. Bayless & Associates, Bozeman, MT
Mr. Bayless has fourteen years of experience in the management of complex transactions and knows the venture development process from the perspective of investor, lender, board member, and entrepreneur. During the last three years, he contributed to the launch or reorganization of a number of early stage businesses including Right Now Technologies, Inc. (a Web-based customer self-help software and services business) and Off the Beaten Path, LLC (a specialty travel company). Previously, he was a founder, principal, and EVP of Hoak Capital Corporation, a Dallas and New York-based private equity firm, where he specialized in industry consolidations and leveraged build-ups.         Back

Stowe Boyd, Principal, A Working Model, Washington, DC
Stowe is an internationally recognized authority on collaboration technologies and their impacts on business and society. Throughout his career, Stowe has demonstrated his scope as a directed leader, results-oriented executive, and visionary writer and speaker. Over the past decade Stowe has consulted, written and spoken widely on collaboration technologies, their application, markets, and social impacts, with clients that have included Abuzz, FileNet, Fujitsu, IBM, Lotus, Novell, Oracle and many others. From early 2001 through early 2003, Stowe led product development and marketing for Ikimbo, a leader in real-time communication software solutions.          Back

Esther Dyson, Chairman of EDVenture Holdings, New York, NY
Esther Dyson has devoted her life to discovering the inevitable and promoting the possible. As an active investor and commentator, she focuses on emerging technologies and business models (peer-to-peer, artificial intelligence, the Internet, wireless applications).  Dyson is chairman of EDventure Holdings (, which publishes the influential monthly technology-industry newsletter, Release 1.0, and sponsors premier annual conferences, including PC Forum (March 23 to 26, 2003).       Back

Jim Finkelstein, Business Development Advisor, Chairman and CEO, FutureSense, Inc., San Rafael, CA.
Jim has over 25 years of consulting and corporate experience leading people in business. As a Partner in a Big Five firm, a CEO of a professional services firm, a corporate executive for Fortune 500 companies, and an entrepreneur, he has experienced business and business transformation from multiple angles. Jim understands the convergence of environment, culture, development and rewards needed to improve business performance through people.    Back

Jan Hauser, Information Technology Consultant, San Jose, CA
Mr. Hauser is a former Principal Architect at Sun Microsystems.   He has considerable expertise in secure systems and development of complex systems for enterprise and government.  Mr. Hauser is an advocate for application of complexity theory to information science and organizational development, and is responsible for Sun's membership in The Santa Fe Institute (SFI).       Back

Bill Hutchison, Ph.D., Founder and Chief Scientist, Seventh Generation Technologies, Boulder, CO
Dr. Hutchison invented and owns patents on the 7G intelligent agent technology, which he is licensing exclusively to Net Deva for our applications.   The neural network kernel of the 7G technology has been successfully deployed in multi-million dollar software installations for Fortune 500 companies, and has numerous advantages over competing systems in ability to scale, sophistication of capabilities, and accuracy.

Valdis Krebs, President,, Cleveland, OH
Mr. Krebs assists clients in adapting their organizations to the networked business environment by modeling and molding the complex connections within and between organizations. He is the author of InFlow™, a software based, network modeling methodology that maps and measures knowledge exchange, information flow, informal networks, communities of practice and other emergent groups within and between organizations.            Back

Pattie Maes, Ph.D., Associate Professor, MIT Medial Laboratory, Cambridge, MA
Dr. Maes founded and directs the Software Agents Group at MIT Media Laboratory.  Her areas of expertise are Artificial Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Supported Collaborative Work, Information Filtering and Electronic Commerce.   She has also been an active Internet entrepreneur since 1994 when she co-founded Firefly Network, Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts - one of the first companies to commercialize personalization and profiling technology, and since acquired by Microsoft.   Since then she has advised and served as a director of several successful Internet technology companies.        

George Por, Principal, Community Intelligence Labs, Santa Cruz, CA
Mr. Por is the Founder of Community Intelligence Labs (CoIL), a leading designer of corporate knowledge and intranet strategies. His research and consulting specialty is boosting organizational health and effectiveness with a unique combination of systems thinking, self-organizing corporate knowledge ecologies, executive coaching, web-based group productivity tools, and a passion for balance and wholeness at the workplace. He is also a techno-communitarian visionary, futurist, virtual community facilitator, coach, toolmaker, and entrepreneur.

Matt and Gail Taylor, Co-Founders, MGTaylor Corporation, Palo Alto, CA
Matt and Gail Taylor are co-founders of MGTaylor Corporation and affiliated companies.  For more than 20 years, MGTaylor Corporation has been a leader in designing, and using an integrated system of environments, tools, and processes to employ group genius in solving complex problems.  MGTaylor Corporation consults to Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and abroad and has been named a "fast company" by Fast Company Magazine in recognition of its unique and powerful contributions to innovative business practices.           


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