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Net Deva’s advisors include recognized leaders in several disciplines including software agents, venture development, knowledge management, neural networks and behavioral science.

W. David Bayless, Principal,  W.D.Bayless & Associates.

Stowe Boyd, Principal, A Working Model.

Esther Dyson, Chairman of EDventure Holdings.

Jim Finkelstein, CEO, FutureSense

Jan Hauser, Principal Architect, Sun Microsystems

Bill Hutchison, Ph.D., Founder and Chief Scientist, Seventh Generation Technologies

Valdis Krebs, Principal,  - Organizational network analysis software & consulting.

Pattie Maes, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director of Software Agents Group, MIT Media Lab

George Por, Founder, Community Intelligence Labs

Matt and Gail Taylor, Founders, MGTaylor Corporation

HomeCompany - OverviewProduct OverviewVisionContact Us