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Net Deva, Inc.

Net Deva, Inc. was incorporated and received initial investment capital in 2000.   The Company has developed a working proof of concept of Net Deva™ personal networking software and is now raising additional investment capital to continue organization and product development activities en route to commercial launch.  The Company is located near Washington, DC in Knoxville, MD,


Company founder, Duncan Work, conceived Net Deva Internet software while working as an international business consultant where he and his colleagues depended heavily on personal networking and trusted connections to facilitate large-scale, global transactions.   Always intrigued by human network dynamics and their impact on commerce and society, Duncan combined his international trade experience with advanced study of human networks, and his knowledge of Internet software development to form a vision for making the Internet the primary medium for secure, effective personal networking on a global scale.

Working with this vision, Duncan assembled a management team and an advisory board of experienced leaders in related business, technical and academic areas.  In 2000, technical development, business development and additional fund-raising activities were accelerated as Net Deva, Inc. received initial financial and strategic investments from Lakshmi Technologies and Equinox Solutions.

HomeCompany - OverviewProduct OverviewVisionContact Us