This is an archive of a site that was developed between the late '90s and 2003.

Net Deva, Inc. no longer exists.   The IP referred to here is still owned by Net Deva, Inc.'s, founder.


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Welcome to Net Deva!

Net Deva™ is peer-to-peer, collaborative software that dramatically improves the way individuals and teams manage and extend their personal networks.    Net Deva benefits individuals by increasing their effectiveness, productivity and influence; it benefits organizations by reducing costs, generating higher revenue and increasing the flow of knowledge within the organization.

Net Deva will profoundly change the way people network with each other by creating a personal networking layer for the Internet that is secure, intelligent and global in its reach.

Net Deva, Inc. is an early stage company now developing Net Deva personal networking software.

For additional information, please contact Duncan Work, President and Founder at

“The new currency won’t be intellectual capital. It will be social capital–the collective value of whom we know and what we’ll do for each other.”
James Kouzes, Chairman Emeritus
The Tom Peters Group

Using Net Deva is like personally knowing
the most connected people
on the planet.


Personal Networks and Net Deva

Personal networks are fundamental to professional and business success.  They are key to expanding influence, making valuable new connections, and exceeding goals.

People who build, maintain and leverage extensive networks are better informed, more productive and advance faster. The smartest, most agile organizations hire managers with strong networks and networking skills, which speed organizational growth and success.

Most people today lack the time, attention, and skill required for effective networking.   Net Deva increases the productivity of both skilled and unskilled networkers.  Net Deva helps users stay up to date with existing contacts.  It also quickly and securely searches their extended networks - the trusted contacts of their trusted contacts - to make new connections. Net Deva greatly reduces the time required and dramatically increases reach and accuracy.

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